What is Hybris Computer Worm?

January 9, 2019 | By admin
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Hybris Worm is a type of malware (computer worm) that multiplies by automatically replicating itsef. This type of computer worm has the capability to multiply not just within an infected system but also expanding to other systems that are connected to the same network. The mode of infection within the system and from system to system is quick and that makes these types of worms more dangerous and threatening to the online world.

Hybris Computer Worm
Experts refer to the strain as Worm.Hybris.B. Once the computer worm infects the system, it makes a copy of itself as Windows executable file (.EXE). Once the infection is successfully passed on to the system, it tries to establish a connection with a computer from where infection originated. By this way the worm virus downloads other malware programs and files onto the infected machine from source system.

Worm.Hybris.B also intends to infect the Windows Registry of the infected computer. The main objective of this worm is to remain undetectable, provide protection from other malicious programs that might get downloaded, boot up when the computer gets started, as a result of which it takes complete control over the infected computer.

How does Hybris Worm Infects Your System?

There are many ways through which Worm.Hybris.B can gain access into your computer.Following are the common method of Worm.Hybris.B infection are:

  • When a Worm.Hybris.B infected external device like DVD, pen drive, and memory card is inserted in the system.
  • When Software downloaded from suspicious websites
  • When you visit the web sites infected with Worm.Hybris.B worms
  • When Worm.Hybris.B infected links are shared on social media platform
  • When fake virus removal tools that holds Worm.Hybris.B is downloaded
  • Through malicious video players
  • Free downloadable games that is infected with Worm.Hybris.B

How to Remove Hybris Worm Infection

Installing a robust anti-malware software would help remove malware like worm Hybris.B. We recommend Comodo Antivirus – which is a highly effective virus removal software. It comes as an individual software or as part of Internet security suite which integrates an antivirus solution along with other security software like firewall, containment technology, default deny protection, threat analysis, host intrusion protection and other sophisticated security methods. It helps to identify the new variants of other malware aside from this worm. Once you install the antivirus software, run a scan to display the list of files that corresponds to Hybris on the screen and the software will then automatically removes the identified malicious files.

comodo antivirus

comodo antivirus

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