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Best Ways to Protect Your PC(s) From Virus, Spyware and Other Malware

January 27, 2018 | By Thilak
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Malware is of many different types. Virus and Spyware both are a type of malware. Although they may not be as dangerous as the modern-day malware (like for example ransomware), you need to protect your PC(s) against them. If not, your PC(s) can get infected by them before you know it. And recovering an infected machine is not an easy task. So let’s take a look at what virus and spyware are and how to protect your PC(s) from them.

What is a Computer Virus?

It’s a piece of code designed to infect and gain control over vulnerable PC(s). Just like a biological virus, they can self-replicate themselves and spread from one computer to another within a network. Hackers usually hide them in files which will then be passed onto the targets (users) as e-mail attachments, downloadable files on the internet etc.,

As soon as the users interact (open) the file, the virus runs automatically and starts replicating itself to spread to the other files and computers within a network.

What is Spyware?

Another malicious program (malware) which collects vital information about your browser history, sensitive personal information (like credit card numbers) and send it to hackers who benefit greatly from them. Spyware is often bundled with other software (usually free downloadable ones available on the internet) and installs itself the moment the software is downloaded onto your PC(s).

How To Prevent Computer Virus and Spyware?

Both types of malware can be prevented from infecting your PC(s) by looking out for some tell-tale signs, exercising caution while online and by installing security products. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Recognizing Viruses and Spyware: Whatever the malware your PC is infected with, there will always be accompanied by some tell-tale signs. In the case of a computer virus, your internet connection might slow down or your PC will act on its own executing actions without your permission. Whereas in the case of spyware, unidentifiable icons may appear in your task bar, internet searches which may direct you to different search engines, random error messages etc.,

But the best way is to recognize viruses and spyware is by using virus scanners and spyware scanners, which are usually available in antivirus packages like Comodo Antivirus.

2. Exercising Caution: Whatever the malware – virus, spyware or any other – certain precautionary steps using which users like you can safeguard your PC(s) remain the same. For example, not downloading programs from unknown sources, not opening attachments belonging to suspicious mails, not clicking on pop-up ads etc., Simply put, educating yourself about the dangers of the internet and thereby preventing yourself from becoming the gullible internet user should do the trick.

3. By Installing Security Products: The best way to combat (prevent, defend and take action) is to install antivirus software (sometimes knows as virus protection software) onto your PC(s). Many antivirus software successfully protect your PC(s) against virus, malware and various other security threats as well.

Installing the whole virus protection software is another excellent way of adding layers of protection that will ensure viruses, spyware and other such malware, don’t easily infiltrate your PC(s). Because the whole virus protection software will be updated enough to tackle new (and evolving) malware signatures as well.

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