Best Antivirus for Android Mobile

What is Android Antivirus?

The recent months have witnessed an unprecedented rise in Android malware threats and attacks. With Android being one of the most popular and fastest growing mobile platforms, it's only natural for malware authors to target it. Added to this is the open architecture of the Android OS, which makes it rather vulnerable.

As Android malware keeps growing at an alarming rate, security firms gear up, with their own malware protection software, to protect Android devices and their users from malware attacks. While some Android antivirus software provide basic features like remote tracking, data wiping (if a phone is lost or gets stolen), data backup etc, some of the advanced ones offer proactive protection against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings etc. Some Android antivirus programs even protect devices against theft, in addition to blocking the entry and interference of malicious files and apps. Personal information of users, including photos, videos, personal contacts and much more get protected while Android antivirus also helps identify and restrict unauthorized calls, block ransomware, banking Trojans etc and thereby protect sensitive personal data from being stolen or misused.

Best Free Android Application

Best Free Antivirus for Android – 2019

Android antivirus software come with an assortment of features and benefits. Here's a look at the best antivirus for Android devices, based on an analysis of the number of features, the usefulness of the features, the installation process, the user interface etc…


(4.9 / 5)

Comodo offers Free Antivirus for Android, which protects Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft. It helps protect users' privacy and also keeps the device optimized while protecting sensitive personal information- photos, videos personal contacts etc and restricting unauthorized calls, blocking ransomware, banking Trojans etc.

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Bitdefender offers its Android security app, which guarantees minimal performance impact plus robust privacy protection. It has a very special anti-theft feature, which incorporates Android Wear watches. There are no scheduled malware scans or freemium option.


Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is a full-featured Android security app, comprising things like privacy advisor, a VPN client, customizable blacklist etc. The anti-theft and call-blocking features don't perform satisfactorily.


Norton Mobile Security protects Android devices from malware and has excellent call-blocking, text-blocking and contacts backup features. The software also protects the device from theft and has paid features like App Advisor, app lock, password manager etc.


Lookout Android antivirus has been quite popular on account of its ease of use and functionality. While there is a free version, there are two paid versions- one a regular premium one for $30 a year and the other a premium plus one for $100 per year. The regular premium one has many special features while the premium plus version provides full identity-protection service as well.